Locking Down my Digital Identity

This week, I chose to follow some of the recommendations given by FemTechNet. Keeping your information secure in this day and age is very important, so I wanted to see if there was anything else that I should be doing in addition to the precautions I’ve already been taking.

The first thing I did was set up two-factor authentication on all of my accounts. I already had it set up on some big accounts like my Apple ID,Venmo, and Google accounts, but this way I feel more secure and will be notified if someone is trying to get into my account.

The second thing I did was check up on my privacy settings on Facebook. I have always had my settings very strict there, but I hadn’t checked to see if there were any new setting options there in a while. I didn’t end up changing anything, everything was how I left it. I made sure when I set my account up that everything was pretty locked down, and that the only content visible to strangers is my name and profile picture.

Finally, I deleted some of my old accounts that I don’t use anymore. I ended up deleting three that I had either moved on from or completely forgotten about.

Overall, I’m glad I did a check in on my digital footprint. I have always been pretty careful about what I put online, and will continue to be conscious of my online privacy.

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